Kazuma Pan - A Story Of A Small National Park In Zimbabwe With A Key Regional Role In Kaza

At the recent ESRI Africa Conference in Cape Town I was asked to present the Conservation group session with a presentation themed, Conservation and Ecosystem Services. The most interesting aspect of the conference was the meeting with Jack Dangermond the head of ESRI global as well getting exposed to the new direction the world renowned GIS company is taking. The most interesting was the movement to Cloud for data and software as well as the importance of Apps for user-friendly communication between all conservationists. One of the most interesting Apps was that of Story Maps. This App allows one to tell a story line with maps derived from the GIS platform in a most logical and interesting way. These Apps can be utilized on all platforms such as Apple. This is an approach I will be following as many people do not have access to GIS software or technology but would still like to derive benefit from geography. I have now placed the first of these presentations on Kazuma pan below. I hope you find the exposure to GIS technology interesting.


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